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Slim-plify Online Support


WHAT YOU GET - £50 per month

I will send you a diary, I will give you one simple rule. Every Friday morning you will weigh and send me the results, along with your diary via email. I will log the result and send you back the relevant feedback. Only 10% of people who diet manage to keep the weight off. So knowing this we will avoid dieting and Over time, we will work together to create you a healthier lifestyle that is sustainable and more likely to succeed.


Helen Simms Age:40+
Craig's approach has been fantastic for me and I have achieved great results which I am able to maintain. I have lost 2 stone and dropped from a size 12/14 to a size 6/8, since last May, but most of all I feel so much more confident. He is supportive but also challenges you to improve and maintain you positive attitude towards food. Can't recommend him enough.

Gayle Witter Age:40+

This approach is so simple and easy to maintain - I no longer need to worry about the scales and beat myself up if I decide to "treat" myself every now and then. This is a lifestyle change, not a fad diet, so you will see the benefits further down the line once you get in the swing of it. Nothing is a quick fix you got be willing to change for the results you want. 100% recommend Craig for his support and knowledge

Yvonne Lumb Age:60+
If your serious about being healthy, want to lose weight and keep it off then this approach is what you need, I had struggled to lose weight for years, now i am at least 30lbs lighter and probably the healthiest I have ever been In my adult life. No gimmicks,no fuss just an approach that is honest teaching you how to make better choices and achieve your goal.
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