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Charity AND Support within our Community

Since 2015 I have supported and now sponsor Matt who I met carrying out fitness and motivation sessions at a homeless shelter. It took him several weeks to even pick up a weight and longer to convince him that fitness could help his life move forward. Once training regular, he lost weight, started to deal with his addictions and got himself into a great frame of mind.


The more commitment Matt showed, the more I offered and we started to worked on his employability, getting him courses, developing his CV, work experience and this lead him into full employment albeit low paid.


More recently I have been trying to improve his stratification through driving lessons, finding him a safe place to live and helping to surround him with only positive influences. This has also involved the help of some fine Chairzam Members.

When I met Matt I was amazed that with no emotional support and such an horrific back story he had still managed to developed so many decent qualities. If you are reading this maybe you are in a position to support someone who is deserving of your time, why not keep it local, but chose wisely. I can tell you during this process I have gained just as much as Matt. I have learnt a lot about a way of life that I was sheltered from because I grew up with a support network, one I would have taken for granted had I not started on this journey.

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