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Why are people still dieting

With only around 10% of people achieving long-term success using diets, why are we still repeating the same mistakes?

Well first of all the diet industry is a multi million pound industry and as such, has the power to influence through marketing. If a certain diet has 10000 members it only needs 50 to succeed to create the image of success. Unfortunately we as a society are craving instant gratification in the form of results, so we clutch at the same straw over and over again, praying this time it works and if it worked last time, we are hoping this time it sticks.

If weight loss was easy nobody would carry weight, but unfortunately weight loss requires a lot more than a list of healthy meals and a few weeks of being good. You need to accept that the old you is gone, gone for good. The fact that you are unhappy with what you see in the mirror or how you feel is evidence of that, so why do we diet, only to return to our old habits?

Habits and routines are developed over time, good and bad. If you have created bad habits over a couple of decades, why would we believe a couple of months can erase the past. It takes time and a lot of reflection. Reflection when you are struggling, reflection when your on a good run. My Slim-plify approach creates the structure and promotes the right attitude, but its not the be all and end all. Like with learning to walk, do English or Math, Slim-plify starts at the very beginning. You didn't, crawl and suddenly run, you didn't turn up to your first English lesson and have complicated sentences thrown at you, or Math and do algebra. No you started at the beginning, you created the structure and the right environment. You then built up your confidence and knowledge, you made mistakes, you corrected the mistakes, moved forward and made more mistakes repeating the process over and over, never giving up.

Slim-plify is no different. I create the structure, I create the right environment offering you the tools to help you over time build your confidence and knowledge, eventually ridding yourself of the diet mentality, putting in its place new habits, creating a lifestyle that feels natural and requires very little effort.

On paper ladies and gentlemen, this seems so easy, but in reality you will have doubts and fears about change and being able to maintain that change. All I will a say to you is, I have helped 100's of people through this process and I've never had anyone lose 2/3/4 dress sizes turn round to me and say they regretted doing it.

Final note: Remember weight loss will not in itself bring happiness. The aim during this process is to change your mindset and help you develop a more positive outlook, improving not just your physical health, but also your mental health as you learn to love yourself. These are transferable skills and can be used to improve other aspects of your life.


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