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My names Craig Kirby and I am the owner of Chairzam Fitness Ltd. From serving as a Military Fitness Instructor, to helping the homeless and children in social care, I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of health and well-being. My approach over time has become refined and I now know that physical fitness and weight management are best achieved from a mental health perspective. Using only positive rhetoric and a progressive style of training, I help people use their approach to fitness to improve all other aspects of their lives. 


PLEASE download my ebook by clicking on the image. For less than a weigh in at your local slimming group (£4.99) I can show you the most effective way to not just lose weight, but more importantly keep it off. 

Chairzam Life Fitness for me is about creating individuals who are motivated for life. Yes everyone who follows my training and food management approach loses weight and gets fit, but these are just by-products of being active and sensible. I believe fitness can be so much more if approached in a positive and progressive manner. I have had people tell me that coming to Chairzam has helped them to cope with life in general. They have changed jobs, got jobs, improved confidence and also helped them to find positive solutions to problems that once tormented them. Its easy for me to say this here and now, but if you check out my facebook link you will see the positive effect my approach has had on so many people straight from the horses mouths (testimonials).

Train to create a body and Watch your food to find it 

Over 150 regulars. Below are a few of my clients, well over 200lb lost

To everyone out there bashing the gym wi
I feel very blessed to have been a part


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