My names Craig Kirby and I am the owner of Chairzam Fitness Ltd. From serving as a Military Fitness Instructor, to helping the homeless and children in social care, I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of health and well-being. My approach over time has become refined and I now know that physical fitness and weight management are best achieved from a mental health perspective. Using only positive rhetoric and a progressive style of training, I help people use their approach to fitness to improve all other aspects of their lives. 

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Chairzam Life Fitness for me is about creating individuals who are motivated for life. Yes everyone who follows my training and food management approach loses weight and gets fit, but these are just by-products of being active and sensible. I believe fitness can be so much more if approached in a positive and progressive manner. I have had people tell me that coming to Chairzam has helped them to cope with life in general. They have changed jobs, got jobs, improved confidence and also helped them to find positive solutions to problems that once tormented them. Its easy for me to say this here and now, but if you check out my facebook link you will see the positive effect my approach has had on so many people straight from the horses mouths (testimonials).

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To everyone out there bashing the gym wi
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COV-19 Risk Assessment and Method Statement



DATE: Active from 25/7/2020


Identified Hazards:

  • Increasing possible exposure of Covid-19

  • Exposure to Covid-19

  • Spread of Covid-19

  • Covid-19 effects the lungs and airways.


Symptoms of Covis-19 are:


  • Continuous cough

  • A high fever/temperature

  • A shortness of breath

  • Loss of smell


By having these symptoms, it does not mean you have the virus, these symptoms are similar to other more common illnesses such as colds and flu. Although for most, the exposure may result in an uncomfortable flu for around two weeks, there are a number of people at risk of severe illness from coming in contact with Covid-19.


This group includes those who are:


  • Aged 70 or older, (regardless of medical conditions)

  • Under 70 with an underlying health condition listed below


  • Anyone instructed to get a flu jab as an adult each year on medical grounds

  • Chronic, long term respiratory diseases such as asthma, COPD, emphysema or bronchitis Chronic

  • Heart disease, such as heart failure

  • Chronic liver disease

  • Chronic neurological disease

  • Diabetes Problems with your spleen

  • Weakened immune system

  • A BMI of 40 or above

  • Those who are pregnant


Potential infection routes of virus into the human body:


  • Oral inhalation

  • Nasal inhalation

  • Eyes Skin contact

  •  Ingestion


Infection routes for Covid-19 is mainly through close contact with an infected person, through respiratory droplets. Such droplets can be through direct contact, sneezing, coughing and absorption through the eyes and skin. Secondary contact infection routes for Covid-19 are via hand to mouth, face, and eyes.

Persons at Risk

  • Staff

  • Clients

  • Other business owners in building

  • Visitors


General Areas, Access, and Egress

Prior to Re-opening the equipment, areas and the facilities will be cleaned using anti-bacterial sanitiser. Regular cleaning will take place throughout the day ensuring that any multi / hi touch areas are regularly sanitised. These areas are documented on the housekeeping schedule.


Equipment or activities that cannot support social distancing such as mobile exercise routines and soft handled equipment will not be used and removed from the gym.


All Clients attending personal training sessions and/or attending group classes are regular clients. They will be communicated informing them of the COVID controls around social distancing and hygiene requirements before, after and during their visit to the gym.


Only clients who have been pre-booked will be permitted to attend classes.

A record of the clients name and contact details attending the gym will be kept for 21 days to support the NHS test and trace that the individual can be contacted in the event of a Covid-19 case connected to our facility. 


The record will include:

  • Date

  • time of entry/exit

  • Name & Contact details   


These will be electronic records to reduce the requirement for clients to complete any paperwork – these records will be maintained by the gym management.


Only people involved within the sessions will be permitted into the training area – There will be no spectators.


Music will not be played during any sessions within the gym to enable noise levels to support normal conversation levels. Clients will be asked to not shout across to one another to reduce potential spread of the virus through the droplets being propelled or aerosol generation.


Arrival at the gym for either group classes or personal training sessions.

  • Signage instructing people with COVID symptoms are not to enter the gym – Go Home.

  • Clients are to arrive at the gym in their training gear – there will be no changing facilities available.

  • Clients are to wait in their vehicles – until they are collected and permitted onto site.

  • Clients will sanitise their hands at the entrance to the building

  • Where possible and safe to do so doors will be open to reduce the requirement for contact.

  • For personal training sessions there will be 10-minute window between each client to enable the equipment to be sanitised for the next session.

Control Measures for personal training.


  • All staff regularly wash their hands in warm soapy water or with alcohol based antibacterial sanitiser.

  • Members will be instructed to wait in the car park until met and guided into and out of the gym.

  • Clients will be asked to clean hands as they enter the gym with anti-bacterial sanitiser.

  • Clients were possible are asked to arrive on site in their training gear.

  • 10-minute window between each client.

  • There must be at least a 2m clearance between workstations.

  • Promote a safe personal distancing awareness by using 2 metre distance indicators within the gym.

  • Equipment must be cleaned as soon as the client has finished using it and before moving to the next piece of equipment.

  • Entrance door handle and banister will be wiped as each client leaves the facility.

  • Toilet/changing room will only be used in an emergency.

  • Bottles of water will be sold, but clients will be encouraged to bring their own.


Control Measures to be Implemented for classes.

  • All members must pre-book their place.

  • Members will be asked to turn up on time and wait for access to be granted.

  • Members will be met at the entrance.

  • On entry to the gym each member will be asked to clean hands using anti-bacterial wash.

  • 20-22 stations with a maximum of 10-12 clients.

  • Clients will be informed to remain within their own station and maintain social distancing with people who are not a member of their own household.

  • Clients will be issued with personal spray bottle and blue roll and instructed on how to use them safely.

  • Movement around the gym will be minimized and controlled by the instructor in a clockwise or anti clockwise direction.

  • Each apparatus will be numbered, either even or odd numbers will be used by the whole class leaving a machine or exercise station empty between clients. This will ensure maximum distance between client’s whist training and cleaning their equipment.

  • 1-minute rest will be used by the clients between each exercise to clean their station.

  • All bottles will be left in a box by the exit door and cleaned by a member of staff.

  • A member of staff will guide members to the exit.

  • Door handles and bannisters will be cleaned.


 Control Measures to be Implemented for good housekeeping.

  • All rubber and soft handled equipment as well as hard to clean equipment will be removed from the gym.

  • As well as above we will have 3 cleaning periods throughout the day

  • A cleaning chart will be signed to ensure the housekeeping schedule is maintained.

  • Separate entry and exit points to be used, always guided out of the facility by an instructor.

  • Door and window handle, bannister and other commonly touched objects to be regularly wiped clean with antibacterial wipes.

  • No access to the main office will be allowed – Signage to indicate Gym Employees only

Personal protective equipment.

  • Anti-bacterial hand wash

  • Blue Roll

  • Spray bottles

  • Anti-bacterial wipes


First Aid.

  • First Aider: Craig Kirby/Lindsay Kirby

  • First aid box on site with self-administered first aid where possible under the guidance of a first aid trained staff member.

  • Serious injuries to be treated at local hospital.

  • All injuries to be reported and recorded in Chairzam Fitness Ltd accident book in the main office.



As all my members are long-term clients, I will be contacting those in the at risk category advising them to follow government guidelines in regard to shielding.


Director:                                      CRAIG KIRBY

Nebosh Certified



Date:                                              14/7/2020



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